View of the Gazebo on the Island
A quiet neighborhood
The North Springs Lake and Island
Path to the island on Lake Napier
Volunteer Park is available to all residents to relax and kids to play
Trees line every street
North Springs has 2 tennis courts for residents to use

Welcome to North Springs Neighbors. This is the official website of the North Springs Property Owners Association. Bookmark this site for a quick reference to happenings and news in the neighborhood.


North Springs Board Members

President: Corinne Jimenez
Vice-President: Tricia Jusino
Treasurer: Stephen W. Dick
Assistant Treasurer: Don L. Barber
Secretary: Ron Paull
At-Large: Engle L. Hall
At-Large: Elizabeth Coynor

North Springs Activity Leaders

Activities: Tricia Jusino
Architectural: Donald Swaney
Lake: Lynn Verzwyvelt
Tennis Courts: Phillip L. Latham
Welcome: Kimberly Livoti
Maintenance: Charles Soules
Accountant: Michael E. Willis
Web Site: Don Titus
Ripples: Maria Franklin