Beautiful sunsets on our North Springs lake.
View of the Gazebo on the Island
The North Springs Lake and Island
North Springs yards are full of color in the spring!
A quiet neighborhood
North Springs has 2 tennis courts for residents to use. One court also has pickle ball lines.
Path to the island on Lake Napier
Volunteer Park is available to all residents to relax and kids to play


North Springs Board Members

President: Ajaye Franklin
Vice-President: Open position - contact President
Treasurer: Steve Berger
Assistant Treasurer: Peggy Berger
Secretary: Beverly Buscemi
At-Large: Tim Blue
At-Large: Brenda Greenberg

North Springs Activity Leaders

Architectural: Don L. Barber
Lake: Lynn Verzwyvelt
Tennis Courts: Phillip L. Latham
Welcome: Kimberly Livoti
Maintenance: Tom Daniel
Property Management: Blue Heron Property Management
Web Site: Don Titus